A tool to convert your grd or exe graphic diffs to grf files.

-h for a help
-s -v -l Show Sprites in GRD-File
-g <two initials> <firstbyte> <secondbyte> for the ID of GRFID
    (Bytes can be given in 0x## format too)
-1 convert file to one grf
-i "Description" "Copyright" for the GRFID

Place the created grf file in your newgrf(w).txt as the numbers show in the filename
Don't forget DOS can handle only 8+3

Name Size Last modified Description
grdtogrf043.tar 22 KiB 2006 02 06 GRDTOGRF Experimental Linux version
changelog.htm 1.59 KiB 2006 02 06 11.96 KiB 2006 02 06 GRDTOGRF Win32 version
license.txt 1.57 KiB 2006 02 06